It’s a Small World After All


When I was studying abroad in Spain in college my parents visited me in Toledo after the semester ended. We decided to explore Madrid for a weekend. While there, I ran into a former classmate of mine from a photography course on a street corner. She informed me she was studying abroad in the southern Spain as we caught up. Had I been at the street corner two minutes later than her or had she decided to visit Madrid the following weekend, we never would have met again. Even though I didn’t see her after Spain, this interaction really made me realize how small of a world we live in.

There are so many factors and variables that go into meeting people and the impact that they will have on us. Had I not met Miranda in California while working as a traveling OT, I don’t know if I would be in Thailand at this time. It’s just so crazy to think about how people meet and what brings them together. Miranda and I met through an owner of a house in Monterey when I was trying to find accommodations for an upcoming travel assignment. The owner gave us each other’s contact information as Miranda was her tenant and we were both traveling therapists. What was even more random was that we worked for the same traveling company. Since meeting, Miranda and I have had many great adventures in Monterey, Iceland, and now Thailand.

My friend Alyssa and I also met in a very interesting way. We were in Cusco, Peru as volunteers 3 years ago. With a program of about 20 volunteers from all over the world, Alyssa and I were both from Wisconsin. What are the chances of that? And now we will be reuniting in a few days to go on another journey through southern Thailand together.

Even on this trip in Thailand, it’s crazy how you can meet people and be connected to them briefly or for longer periods of time. Miranda and I were able to meet up with Lina, my airport buddy from France, to explore Chiang Mai on Monday night. We also met a girl who is traveling to the islands of Thailand to become a certified yoga instructor from Ohio named Lexy while on our elephant tour. Lexy showed us an amazing view of Chiang Mai poolside from her Airbnb after the tour. I will likely meet up with her when I am in Southern Thailand again in the next week as we will be nearby to one another.



20180630_185450 (1).jpg

I love how traveling makes the world a smaller place by connecting people. Sometimes this can be for an hour or two and other times for years. Each person we meet has an impact on us whether it is big or small. The small ones also have a way of accumulating into something quite large over time. Even though the planet can be a big and overwhelming place, sometimes it’s smaller than we think as we form relationships with others. The world has an extraordinary way of bringing people into our lives when we least expect it.

Sarah Masse