Araksa Tea Garden

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If you like tea and are searching for a place to venture near the city of Chiang Mai, look no further! My friend and I decided to hire a car from Chiang Mai to Pai. On our way we planned to make a pit stop to visit this spectacular tea estate, located in the Mae Tang District of Chiang Mai. It was well worth it. We rented a car through Mr. Joy’s company for 3,600 Baht total from Chiang Mai to Pai, which included our stop at the Araksa Tea Garden.

When we arrived at Araksa, we were met by one of the happiest gentlemen that I have ever encountered. His energy was contagious and you could tell how passionate he was about tea.

We decided to do the Tea Garden Tour. It started with a tour of the tea garden. We were given an overview about the different kinds of tea. It was very interesting to learn that white tea has 1 bud, green tea has 1 bud and 1 leaf, and black tea has 1 bud and many leaves. While at the garden, we picked green tea leaves and threw them into our baskets that we wore on our backs (incredibly challenging).

After we finished harvesting tea leaves, we were shown how the leaves and buds were made into green tea.

At the end we were given the opportunity to try both hot and cold green tea with a little snack. The most delicious thing ever!


Once the tour is complete, there is tea to purchase if desired. I bought some and it travels back home quite nicely.

Cost: 420 Baht per person for the Tea Garden Tour without pick-up.

1,000 Baht for the Tea Garden Tour and shared pick-up in Chiang Mai at the Mercure Hotel.

1,650 Baht for the Tea Garden Tour, lunch, and shared transfer.

2,200 Baht for the Tea Garden Tour and a private transfer.

**Packages vary based on excursion, as there is an option for the Tea Garden Tour and Lisu Hill Tribe Village Tour, which includes lunch for 1,200 Baht.

**Note that cost for the Tea Garden Tours with pick-up is based on their brochure and may have changed.


**Once on their website it’s very easy to reserve a tour online.


Sarah Masse