Doi Chang & Beyond…


If you’re staying in Chiang Rai or nearby, visiting Doi Chaang Coffee makes for a wonderful day trip. The coffee is grown in the village of Doi Chang. What makes this coffee company unique is the partnership between the Ahka hill tribe in Doi Chang and Canadian coffee aficionados. Doi Chaang Coffee is sold throughout Vancouver and the surrounding areas in Canada.

My friend Miranda and I stopped in the village of Doi Chang on our way from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai. With the help of our yoga teacher, we hired a local taxi driver to drive us to Doi Chaang Coffee and then to Chiang Mai for 2,500 Baht (e.g. roughly $79). The drive was about 1 hour and 50 minute from Chiang Rai to Doi Chang. Just to forewarn you, if you decide to hire a driver, be prepared for some pretty intense driving. We really enjoyed our driver but there were a few times we had to hold our breath, like when he created his own lane in the middle of the road to pass oncoming vehicles or decided to laugh and drive through what looked like a small river. A good rush of adrenaline. That’s for sure.

Even though we paid our driver, we also treated him to lunch and coffee at Doi Chaang Coffee as our yoga instructor encouraged us to do so. Visiting Doi Chaang Coffee is a great detour if you’re planning on driving from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai or vice versa.

One of the best memories that I had about visiting the village of Doi Chang was that it felt like we were drinking coffee in the clouds. We spent about an hour at the coffee shop, ate at a small restaurant in the mountains, and took a mini photo shoot at a shop selling Doi Chaang Coffee. I bought some coffee to bring back home for family and it traveled well on the plane.

The drive from Doi Chang to Chiang Mai was about 3-3.5 hours. We made a stop at Wiang Pa Pao Hotspring on the way to Chiang Mai to dip our feet in, use the bathroom, and buy some snacks.

Here’s to drinking coffee in the clouds in Northern Thailand.


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Sarah Masse