There’s No Place Like Home


Traveling can be such a liberating and magical experience. One of the reasons I love to do it so much is because it pushes me to go out of me comfort zone while learning from others who may vary drastically from myself. I’m very grateful to have been able to travel throughout Thailand and explore this beautiful country. It’s helped me grow as a person and view the world through a different lens.

Even though I’ve only been back to the States for a little over two weeks, there is so much that I miss about Thailand. All of the wonderful people. Pook. Ulf. Our taxi drivers. Lina. Just to name a few. I also really love the pace of life there. People seem to be more tuned into their surroundings and those around them. There is a sense of community that lacks back home. Let’s not forget about all the delicious food and drink. Massaman curry. Bubble tea. Papaya salad. Thai tea. Red curry. Cashew chicken. Did I say curry? There is such a wild energy throughout Bangkok. People zipping in and out of the streets in motorbikes and tuk tuks. The energy of the city pulsates everywhere you go. And then there’s all the history and beauty that comes with each region of Thailand. Whether that be driving through the mountains in the North or taking in the endless sunsets and crystal clear waters of the beaches of Koh Samui in the South.

Traveling also has given me a deeper appreciation of living in the United States. I no longer need to put my toilet paper in the garbage when going to the bathroom due to challenges with plumbing. Or worry about expressing my opinions openly without censorship or punishment. Communicating without having a language barrier has also been something that I have missed. There’s also the ability to be closer to family and friends without be separated from an ocean. And of course being able to brush ones teeth from the sink or drink tap water without worrying about getting sick.

Thailand will always have a special place in my heart. It gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in yoga and stressed how important self-care is in life. I will look back on my travels with fondness. Now it’s time to look for a permanent job and make my home more stable. Despite this, no matter where one ends up in life, a slice of home can always be found within ourselves.

Sarah Masse